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separated segments

separated segments
Deadline Four: Flashback ;;
Leafless branches undulated fiercely in the cold leaf-bare breeze and the limbs of dead trees cast eerie shadows on the sparkling snow. The silence was precipitously broken by a clap of thunder then the quick thud of pawsteps. Perhaps were the pawsteps were her's, stepping into the memory of her once younger.
A cat silently slithered through the dark forest, sleek dark pelt allowing it to *** through unseen. This cat was on a mission, a mission not even a kitten could fail. It was so simple. The mission was murder.
This murder was more revenge, though. If a cat is wounded another does it not hurt more to fight back? Whether the wound was or still is intentional? Whether the pain brought upon by the opposite cat to the other is physical or mental? No, this cat cared not about the price but the outcome. She was determined to deliver a blow more powerful than its own wound. Her goal was not just murder, but one cat was going to have something precious destroyed from its life. She had already been wounded so deeply that revenge was a necessity to her. This cat couldn't just let it go and accept the pain.
The she-cat halted at the edge of a slanted cliff. She didn't need to rethink her plan. She knew exactly where the dead-end led. For, it led into a deep ditch. What she always pondered to be an endless black hole, yet she always knew would become an important part of her life.

“Ven? Venomdapple!” a voice hollered, the wavering hesitance in it making the she-cat purr. A snap of twigs in the foliage follower his voice. He was here early, but who cared? The job would get done quicker then.
“Oh, yes. I am here. You came!” Venomdappled meowed silkily, “Come straight forward.” she beckoned him.
The tom crawled forward, emerging from the other side of a bramble. He grinned crookedly. “Of course I came, you are my one love, after all.” he meowed smoothly, coming forward to lay his tail over her shoulders. “But why such a seclusive place?”
Ven dropped the love-dove act right away. “Ah, like I'd believe that.” she muttered, pulling away from him. “I doubt everything you say right now, Rainstrike.”
Rainstrike looked confused, tilting his head at her. “What do you mean? What do you not believe?”
“Forget what you just said?” Venomdapple laughed bitterly. “I know I'm not your 'one love'. I mean after all, you sure do seem to disappear a lot, right?”
Rainstrike narrowed his eyes, fur prickling like pine needles. “You are mine, and I am yours. No one else's.”

“I'll believe that when *** fly.” she scoffed, glaring at him with venomous eyes. She didn't get her name from nowhere. Her tongue was working quickly, her mind easily transitioning from tricking him with love to a snake-like evil.
“Actually, some *** can fly, you mouse-brain.” he retorted. “Besides, what are we doing in such a....an unknown place?” he changed the subject.
Venomdapple flicked her tail impatiently. “I came here to tell you something.” she said. “I'm pregnant. Pregnant with your kits.”

Rainstrike stared apathetically at her for a few moments, blinking slowly. “You mean, I'm going to be a father?” he mewed carefully. “I'll be raising kits?”
Venomdapple grinned, unsheathing her claws. “Oh, you really think I'd let you parent my kits?” she spat, an exciting rise bubbling in her throat. “Rainstrike, I'm sure you'll have more kits to care for soon...perhaps with...I dunno...Shadedapple?”
Rainstrike took a step back, eyes widening and jaw dropping. “I...uh...” he hesitated. Ven knew exactly what he was wanting to say though. How did you find out about it?
Venomdapple watched him suffer in his own bath of lies for a few moments, then smiled. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" 
Rainstrike took a step back, paws slipping on the crumbling peaty earth. He dug his claws in to keep balance, eyeing his former mate warily. "Ven, you know I never meant to hurt you." he mewed.
Venomdapple shrugged, smiling and looking into the distance. Her eyes focal on the dark hole behind Rainstrike, that he was a few fox-lengths from falling into. "But, my dear, you did. Whether or not you intended to shred my heart into pieces doesn't mean so much as mouse-dung to me." she replied, voice eerily serene. "What does though, is what happens to you. I want to see you in pain as much as I was when I found out about it."

Rainstrike swallowed multiple times. "And just h-how do you suppose you'll carry that out? How will you make me be in pain?" he asked. Why was he acting like such a scared kit? She was a pregnant she-cat; as vulnerable as a fox caught in a trap. To him she should be a fish out of water!
Venomdapple was still smiling, voice honey sweet. "If I let you fall now," she purred half to herself, "Then there's a chance the fall might not be that hard. But if I injure you first, the fall could kill you. The screams would be a pleasure to hear."
Rainstrike's eyes widened, taking another step back. One more step and he'd be hanging off the edge. "Um, Ven, darling? Can't we, can we, will we, talk about this?" he stumbled over his own words, tail tip trembling. "And could you maybe just stop acting crazy and murderous?"
Venomdapple met his eye. "Bad suggestion." she grimaced, as if in pain. Her claws slid out. Though her heavy kitten filled belly weighed her down she lunged forward, eyes flashing with anger. 
Rainstrike ducked out of the way just in time, rolling onto the very edge of the ledge that lead to death. The ground shook to hold his weight, the thin layer of crust not able to bear him for long. "Back off!" he growled, fur puffing up until he looked like a pine cone. He arched his back and bared his fangs at her.
"No, you back off!" Venomdapple retorted, her tail whipping back and forth. If it had thorns it'd be an ivy vine, She brushed herself off, getting back to her paws after hitting the ground from missing him. She raised her clawed paw forward and scratched at his ears, wobbling.
Rainstrike hissed and pinned his bloodying ears to the back of his head. "Ven, stop! You'll hurt the kits!" he demanded shakily. His paws were getting more and more unstable on the ground that was disintegrating beneath him.
Venomdapple shoved her chest into him, forcing his back paws off the safety of the ground. He clung on with his front claws, straining easily sought out in his bulging muscles. "I don't care about the kits." she spat, bending down to press her muzzle to his. Frightful eyes stared at her like twin moons. "I care about you dying." she added sweetly.
Rainstrike's hind paws churned in the air, struggling to find a place to land and hold on to. Where did that hole lead? Heat rose in his body; was he really *** about not wanting to die? Or was he just nervous. "Please, don't...I have things to live for! Ven, please!"
Venomdapple pondered for a moment. Would he give in to her if their roles were reversed? The she-cat looked sympathetic for just a heartbeat before shaking it away. "What on earth would you have to live for?" she sibilantly spoke; derision was clear in her tone, "To betray more she-cats with your 'o so tempting masculinity?" His claws were failing, Rainstrike was falling backwards.
Rainstrike held his breath, worry and rage searing throughout his body. Suddenly, he let go. Just let go and let his body plummet into what lay below him.
"No!" Venomdapple screeched. How dare he?! She charged forward, thrusting her muzzle down to try and grab his neck. She wanted the satisfactory of paining him before he fell. Her jaws clamped shut on nothing and to her shocking reality her lousy attempt at catching him was pointless because the ground below her shook twice then gave. Her body lurched downward.
"Help!" Ven shouted aimlessly. There was no one there to save her. Her paws flailed around, hitting chunks of rocks and sediment descending beside her. Them to her dismay her one of her flapping paws hit solid ground. Venomdapple twisted around, breathing heavily. Slowly and shakily she pulled herself up, back paws struggling. "I could use a boost." she muttered. 
As if on command, she mustered up the strength and flopped into prickly ***. Then a voice sounded in her ear. Without you, our plan would be ruined, right?
Venomdapple blinked several times then nodded. Whatever this force was, she had to trust them. They just saved her life. She let her tensed muscles relax, heart thumping wildly. Her ears flicked forward.
Silence. No screaming. He had to be dead, then.   
Venomdapple glanced downward at her bulging stomach then got to her paws. Close call, Ven. She told herself, peering into the distance. "Now, my kits. I do care about you. The reputation of the depths of this hole relies on you. Grow strong, my dears. I need you for the whatever lies ahead."

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Not yet. sou gotta live <3

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