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1ǀяι∂єѕcєηcє  Empty ǀяι∂єѕcєηcє on June 11th 2015, 9:06 pm


- - - Hehe, I doubt anyone remembers where this came from.
But it's here, and I like it. So I'll be writing more of it.
I don't know where this will go or where it will end.
Just letting the sunlight take them. cxx
And this will be just for here. Something special for you all.
Well, the ones that click that is!! - - -

Small clicks echoed down the tunnel: tap. Taptap. tap. I rested my ear against the side of the wall, a smile on my face as I listened to the story unfold. ***...but he knew that would be wrong. So instead of following, he dropped behind, sneaking into the deep grass to kill the adder tormenting the rabbits...***

Then I could hear pawsteps, soft as the snow that used to fall back home. My heart quickened. “Aryia.”


I fell into the softness of his words, into the way his voice lilted over my name. *You know you don’t have to wait for me anymore*

*I -- I am scared* No, no. I miss your voice. I miss walking next to you.

I knew he didn’t believe me. I felt it as surely as if he had spoken it aloud. “C’mon then, up you come. I’ll watch you.”

Watch me. As in listen in case I missed a clawhold on the vertical shaft. By now I had memorized the feel of the stones under my paw. My forelegs were strong from pulling my body up the thin crevice with only small places to put my paws.

All the while Aluri’s scent grew stronger and stronger and my heart beat faster and faster. I slid myself onto flat ground, pulling myself upright and fluffing the rock-dust from my fur. Even with my slimness, the chute was a tight squeeze.

That was why Aluri was claustritumus -- Guardian of Time. He was small enough to make it up the crevice and able enough to live in the Sky Caverns. Alone.

Aluri turned and I followed silently. Our paws were noiseless as we padded down the tunnel. I knew the Sky Caverns like my own scent, but there wasn’t really much to remember. It started with the chute, the thin vertical crevice that led into a long tunnel. Aluri says this tunnel is longer out than most of the other ones down below, that it takes longer to traverse.

I cannot tell the difference in the flat darkness, but I take his word. He is, after all, the timekeeper.

There are three other small caverns: two in darkness, and one -- miraculously -- bathed in light. The first was small, merely an antechamber to the next, the space Aluri occupied and spent his days. Alone. Unless I was here.

The third was a secret. One that I shouldn’t even know exist. I shouldn’t know that any of this exists: the Sky Caverns or even the location of the chute. I wasn’t supposed to be here.

But I was.

I stood in the third cavern, tilting my face to the sunlight with a purr. A jagged gash part way up the wall showed things I wasn’t supposed to see: sky, trees, outside, Light. I fluffed my tail in my face, marveling at the orange and black colors.


Aluri stepped out of the gloom, and I flicked a paw at his chest. He smiled, and I noticed his amber eyes smiled too.

I loved being able to see.

But most of all, I loved being able to disappear like ghosts, just me and Aluri.

- - 》opeɴ yoυr eyeѕ
looĸ тo тнe ѕĸy
αɴd wαтcн тнe drαɢoɴѕ ғly 《 - - ♥

2ǀяι∂єѕcєηcє  Empty Re: ǀяι∂єѕcєηcє on June 12th 2015, 1:36 pm


I like this! Hope you write more! Its very intriguing.

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