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The Rules

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1The Rules Empty The Rules on June 6th 2015, 12:38 am


- You may not post, discuss or link to illegal or explicitly sexual content.

- Bullying, harassment, trolling, and general rudeness will not be permitted. Be respectful of other users.

- You may not post or offer to send personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, etc. publicly. Email addresses and accounts on other websites may be shared without restriction.

- You may not post spam, advertisements, etc.

- This forum has censored the majority of clearly inappropriate words and curses. Do not attempt to get around the censors in any way.

- Controversial topics such as religion, sexual orientation, politics, etc. may be discussed, but you are expected to remain civil regardless of differing views.

- Art theft and plagiarism are not allowed. You may post/edit/use artwork or photos that you do not directly own, but only if it does not violate the original owner's terms of use. Stealing someone's writing word-for-word or in some other obvious way is also not permitted.

- Only one account per person. Accounts found to share the same IP address continuously will either not be approved to begin with or will possibly lead to all involved accounts being banned. If there is a legitimate reason (for example, your sibling also has an account, your friend can't use the boards from their home, etc.), the owners of all involved accounts should contact the forum administrator.

- You may post outside links, but the content on the page must not be sexual or illegal in any way, or contain viruses/other harmful content.

- Obey the administrator and moderators. We are here to keep this a friendly place, and you are expected to comply with our decisions if we feel the need to intervene in a situation.


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