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NEW BLOOD - ONE SHOTS & Short Tales!

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1NEW BLOOD  - ONE SHOTS & Short Tales! Empty NEW BLOOD - ONE SHOTS & Short Tales! on June 12th 2015, 2:00 pm


This Thread is where I plan to post all of the NEW BLOOD one shots and short tales.  I have two ready to go here and one in the works and two in the notebook!
OPEN for posting since I will likely be adding stories as we go along. I will save a few spots for tales in the works!

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Author of Warrior fan fiction,
NEW BLOOD-Born of Smoke & Fire and all its spinoffs and one shots. 

Those who refuse to learn from the past--are condemned to repeat it. In a truly free society, individuals succeed or fail by the consequences of their conduct
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 Smokewind hunched in a clump of heather with four other warriors, eying a small herd of Roe deer grazing the windswept moors. The creatures pawed away the snow to reach the dried grasses and brush. The brisk breeze blew into her face, carrying the strong scent of prey, and she glanced up at the clear skies, then back at her black-smoke coat which glittered with a coating of snow. Satisfied that her camouflage held, the Maine Coon of WindClan twitched  the tip of her bushy tail.

“You’re crazy,” Crowfeather growled. “We’ll never ever catch one of those! Especially being so dark against the snow.”

“Yes, we can,” Smokewind insisted in a whisper. “We’re downwind. They can’t scent us. Move very slowly.” Smokewind glared the WindClan deputy.“We rolled in the snow, right? It’ll hide us perfectly.”

“And cold, but it’s your hunt, warrior,” the dark gray tom grumbled, and nodded, a glint of approval in his eyes. He and Gorsetail exchanged glances. Smokewind eyed Weaselfur, the forth cat in the hunting patrol, and dipped her head with approval. The ginger tom gave away his position by blinking his green eyes. A thick mantle of snow covered his body. To her satisfaction, even Crowfeather’s dark pelt appeared pale in its coat of snow. Gorsetail’s pale-grey and white pelt disappeared under his camouflage.

“We’ve never ever caught a deer before,” Gorsetail murmured. “I know you did in ThunderClan but, we have no trees to ambush them from. How do you expect to even get near them?”

“Attacking from the trees is not the only technique. Just copy me.” Smokewind dropped into the snow, and crept forward, burrowing like a rabbit. She kept her tall ears flat to her massive head, eyes on the prey at all times. Her hunting patrol followed behind her. She stopped every time one of the little Roe deer lifted a head, then crept forward as they grazed. Smokewind and her patrol inched closer to the herd. When they reached but a few fox-lengths away, two bucks raised their heads, looking away from them. To her dismay, one bleated an alarm and the herd scattered.

“Mosuedung!” Smokewind spat. “Something spooked them. Attack now!”

Smokewind exploded from the snow, her long legs blurring as she raced ahead of her clanmates, a arc of snow sparkling in her wake. She focused on a small young buck that ran her way, and out of her peripheral vision, she spotted Harespring and Furzepelt running after a doe which swiftly outdistanced them. She knew now why the deer shied away and outrage flooded her.

“Fox-hearted saboteurs!” she hissed. Anger put springs in Smokewind’s large paws and she charged the little buck. It dodged, but she spun on toetip, spraying snow into the air, and launched herself at it, landing on its back. The buck sagged under her weight, but struggled to run, trying to toss her off. Smokewind snarled, wishing she possessed the weight of her big brothers, as she latched her long claws into the deer’s neck. She glanced back at her patrol, lead by Crowfeather.

“Assistance please! Hurry!” she yowled, before sinking her fangs into the back of the Roe deer’s neck. It bucked and kicked, but she sank her claws deeper, riding the little deer across the moor, slowing it down. Crowfeather caught up first and attacked from the side, leaping onto the prey’s shoulder. The buck staggered sideways as Gorsetail and Weaselfur leaped at the deer’s haunches. Gorsetail yowled in sudden pain, and Smokewind rolled an eye, never loosening her grip. Gorsetail hung onto to the buck’s hind leg, but blood trickled from a cut down his chest where the prey’s hoof struck him. Crowfeather dropped to the snow, and launched himself again at the buck’s shoulder. The prey stumbled and its hind end finally collapsed under Smokewind’s weight and her patrolmate’s ceaseless slashing claws. Smokewwind caught sight of Harespring and Furzepelt hurrying toward them, and rage flashed through her body. She shifted her grip, braving the buck’s front hooves, and sank her fangs into the soft throat, using all her anger to drive her jaws shut. The buck thrashed, then sagged to the snow, going limp in moments. Smokewind let go, sneezing the blood from her nostrils.

“Well done!” Crowfeather panted, rising to his feet. Smokewind caught her breath, noting, not for the first time, her clanmates’ gaunt bodies. She growled deep in her chest, thinking how close they came to losing a much needed meal for the clan.

“I told  you we could do it,” Smokewind muttered, shaking out her ruff. She slanted her ears back, hearing Harespring’s pawsteps crunching the snow.

“Hey, you took our prey,” Harespring sneered, lashing his tail. “We saw the deer first.”

“You spooked them so we’d fail!” Smokewind spat in fury, whirling to face him. Her bottlebrush tail whipped snow into the air.

“No, we didn’t,” Harespring drawled, contempt in his voice. “You interrupted our hunt.”

“How dare you claim what you could never catch!” Smokewind yowled, glancing at Crowfeather, who sat beside the buck, watching, eyes narrowed into slits. He gave Smokewind a barely imperceptible nod.  She stepped up to the buck. “I’ll be taking this to camp, not you.”

“No you won’t,” Harespring retorted, and reached down to grab a hind foot in his jaws. Furzepelt grabbed the other hind hoof.

“Let it go,” Smokewind advanced on Harespring, coat bristling, fangs bared, claws unsheathed.

“No, you stupid offspring of a worthless kittypet. We flushed it. Its ours,” Harespring jeeerd, and Smokewind caught Crowfeather rolling his eyes, before he met Smokewind’s glance.

“The one you spooked is long gone,” Smokewind snapped. “This is our kill. I’ll not let you take credit for it.”

“Really?” Harespring tugged the little buck, and Smokewind lost her temper. With an inarticulate screech, she plowed into Harespring, bowling him over in the snow. She sheathed her claws at the last moment, and pummeled his head, then pounced on his back, grabbing the scruff of his neck. He yowled like a terrified kit, eyes wide, unable to move a muscle under her grip and weight.

“Stop disrespecting me in front of our Clanmates, or I’ll do more than rattle your mouse-brains!” she growled through clenched teeth, dragging him away from the kill. Furzepelt bristled, and hissed.

“Leave him alone,” the she-cat minced toward Smokewind, who released Harespring, then slapped his head a few more times, hard enough to slam it deeper into the snow. She lifted a paw toward Furzepelt, toes spread, claws gleaming from between silver tufts of fur. Harespring lay prone in the snow, eyes unfocused, dazed, and battered.

“You want some of this?” Smokewind hissed at Furzepelt., who whirled and raced back to camp, her yowls echoing on the cold air.

“Oh, no,” Smokewind mewed, and sagged, the rage draining from her when she realized what she committed. “I’m in trouble for attacking a Clanmate.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Crowfeather finally spoke. “Onestar will know what happened up here. Come, let’s get your fresh kill into camp.”

“What about him?” Smokewind glanced at Harespring, a growl rising in her chest.

“Let him make his own way back to camp,” Crowfeather meowed, a chuckle in his voice. “Don’t worry about him.”

Smokewind lay down in the snow and allowed her clanmates to pull the buck over her back. She stood up with effort, and Crowfeather in slipped beside her, taking some of the weight. Gorsetail and Weaselfur steadied the fresh kill on either side as they walked back home.

“He’s so wrong about you and your family,” Weaselfur commented, steadying the buck’s head. “I’m so glad you’re here, to teach us to catch such excellent prey.”

“That fleapelt needed a good smack down,” Gorsetail added. “I can’t believe he chased those deer to make us fail. If not for your speed, we’d be coming home empty.”

“Thank you,” Smokewind replied, and met her clanmate’s gaze. As they entered WindClan’s camp, she lowered her eyes, feeling a flash of dismay. Onestar stood beside the meager fresh kill pile. She and her patrol carried the prey to the pile, then slipped out from under the buck. Did he mean to punish her? What if he believed Harespring’s and Furzepelt’s lies? Her legs trembled, and she felt a stab of homesickness for her former home in ThunderClan, and missed her mother and brothers.

“Nice catch,” Onestar commented. Smokewind lifted her head, and noticed Furzepelt standing behind Onestar. “Someone tells me this is her and Harespring’s rightful prey?”

“No,”Smokewind meowed, as a tremor lifted the fur along her back. Crusted snow crackled, and a few clumps fell from her flanks. She then noticed the twinkle in her leader’s eyes, and stopped the snarl before it curled her lips. “Its my patrol’s catch.”

“Crowfeather?” Onestar addressed his deputy.

“Smokewind speaks the truth.” Crowfeather scowled. “They almost ruined our hunt, and I think they did it on purpose. If not for this warrior’s great speed and skill, the hunt would have failed. I allowed Smokewind to, uh, defend her catch.”

“Though I can’t condone fighting with a clanmate,” Onestar said, the humor leaving his golden copper eyes. “I also despise lying, and almost depriving the clan of food because of a personal grudge.”

“He isn’t injured,” Crowfeather grumbled. “And if Furzepelt told you otherwise, she lies.”
“I see,” Onestar tilted his head, sparing Furzepelt a glance. He lashed his tail, and she ducked her head away. “How close did they get to a catch, and where is Harespring?

 “Those two couldn’t catch a Roe deer if it walked up and presented its throat to them.” Crowfeather shook himself, and Smokewind realized he struggled not to laugh. “Harespring will be along shortly, but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t remember much.”

Gorsetail and Weaselfur guffawed. Smokewind allowed herself a toothy grin when she understood her clanmates supported her, and she felt accepted by her adopted clan. She relaxed her guard.

“I may have smacked him silly,” she admitted.  “Like Kyemama once did to Furzepelt. But I never unsheathed my claws.”

“Well done, young warrior.” Onestar returned her smile, then glanced past Smokewind. She turned her head, and she bristled with agitation. Harespring stumbled into camp, weaving to and fro, tail dragging behind him, his eyes unfocused. Furzepelt ran up to him, mewing and fawning, then assisted him to the warrior’s den.  Smokewind relaxed, feeling a short pang of remorse for striking him so hard, which evaporated with Onestar’s next words.

“Come, all cats to this feast! Make sure elders, queens and kits are fed first,” he yowled, delight in his tone. Smokewind tore off a huge chunk, and carried it to the Elder’s den. Both of them lost their cranky expressions and gaped at the gargantuan fare before them. Whitetail moved forward, her ragged white pelt hanging on a gaunt frame.

“Excellent catch, young one,” she purred. “Perhaps we elders won’t die this leaf bare after all.”

“So,” Whiskernose grumbled, his eyes straying to the warrior’s den. “Since that young fool almost blew your hunt, may I have his share?”

“If it were up to me,” Smokewind meowed at the brown tabby tom as she exited the den “I’d give you his share of the entire kill.”

Cackling raspy laughter followed her out into the center of camp. Oatclaw and his hunting patrol loped through the entrance, returning empty-jawed. His light brown tabby coat covered a thin frame. He paused in shock, spotting the new fresh kill. Smokewind hurried to greet her mate, and he eyed her.

“Your patrol caught that, didn’t they?” he purred.

“Yes, but we almost didn’t, thanks to Harespring,” Smokewind grumbled, just as the former deputy emerged from the warrior den, still unsteady, led by Furzepelt. Harespring kept his head down and avoided her gaze, but Furzepelt glared at her as they moved to the fresh kill. Smokeiwnd bumped Oatclaw. “Come on. No way do they eat before us. Not after they almost sabotaged our hunt!”

Smokewind ran to the deer, and brazenly took a place. Oatclaw settled in beside her, forcing Harespring and Furzepelt to wait their turn. She pointedly ignored both of them, filling her stomach, and taking more pieces for the elders.

“No,” Onestar’s voice groiwled, and Smokewind glanced backward. The Clan leader stood, his expression stony, one paw on Furzepelt. “You two wait until everyone is finished. Then you may take your share.”

“But we . . .  “ Furzepelt protested.

“But nothing,” Onestar thundered, his anger causing both cats to cringe. “You two purposely disrupted your own Clanmates’ hunt. I won’t tolerate such behavior.  So you’ll wait until everyone is filled to the brim, and has a second meal before you can eat. Go to the warrior’s den and wait until I say you eat.”

Smokewind’s heart swelled with satisfaction as Harespring shuffled back to the warrior’s den with Furzepelt. He glanced back once, and hate glittered in his eyes. Furzepelt looked back, and disdain gleamed in her eyes. Smokewind growled so deep in her chest her whole body vibrated. Oatclaw uttered a hiss.
“They’re such fluffheads. Even mice have more brains,” the lanky tom murmured, nuzzling Smokewind’s ruff. She ignored him, her attention on Harespring and Furzepelt, who turned away quickly and disappeared into the den.

“Next time,” she muttered. “Next time, you flea brains, next time we meet as adversaries, I’ll kill you and not regret a thing.”



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Author of Warrior fan fiction,
NEW BLOOD-Born of Smoke & Fire and all its spinoffs and one shots. 

Those who refuse to learn from the past--are condemned to repeat it. In a truly free society, individuals succeed or fail by the consequences of their conduct
NEW BLOOD  - ONE SHOTS & Short Tales! 29ypfgg   NEW BLOOD  - ONE SHOTS & Short Tales! Sqtkld

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A short tale
Smokewind trotted with her patrol down the WindClan border, her large black paws squelching in the slushy snows of early New Leaf. Breezepelt, Nightloud, and Slightfoot accompanied her.

“Do you think we’ll find a Roe deer?” Nightcloud asked, green eyes shining. Her black pelt gleamed with health, a big change from the gauntness of Leaf Bare, when Smokewind joined WindClan.

“It’s always possible,” Smokewind answered the she-cat, and glanced at Breezepelt, who blinked gold eyes at her. The black tom looked hopeful. Slightfoot lashed his tail.

“It’s hard,” he complained, before his eyes shone. “But they are tasty! Worth the effort.”

“Only if you don’t have Harespring and Furzepelt in your hunting patrol,” Smokewidn scoffed. “Can you ever see them catching even a fawn?

“When cats fly!” Breezepelt uttered a mrrow of laughter. “But I sure could enjoy one about now.”

“Keep your nose, ears and eyes alert for them. I. . . ” Smokewind meowed, as a screeching hiss echoed over the lake, stuffing the rest of her words back down her throat.

“Trickery! Cowardice! You betray the warrior code of honor,” someone hissed in outrage, and Smokewind recognized her mother’s voice. She bounded downhill and gazed across the ice, focusing in on the cry. Rage inflamed her entire body as she spotted beloved mother stuck in a mud hole along the defrosting shoreline. Harespring and Furzepelt hovered there, and then, with a yowl of glee, Harespring jumped on Kyestorm’s back.

Smokewind forgot the patrol, forgot the hunt. Nothing mattered but her mother.  She opened her jaws and uttered the shrieking alarm of distress, as she watched Harespring push Kyestorm under the mud. Her mother fought her assailant, broke the surface, and threw her head back. Smokewind zeroed in on the spot and exploded down the hill, flinging slush in her wake. She hit the lake at full stride, trusting her instincts to keep her away from weak ice.


“DEMON BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!” The desperate cry reverberated across the lake, echoing in the hills, cutting into Smokewind’s heart, fueling her churning legs. Her mother sank deeper into the mud as Harespring shoved her head down again with both paws. She screamed again, but her voice cut off when her head went under again. Kyestorm reared against Harespring with all of her strength, fighting for her life.

“Kyemamaaaaaaaaaaa!” Smokewind’s anguished yowl echoed across the lake.

“Kyemamaaaaaaaaaaa!”  The cry repeated, this time from across the swamp from RiverClan territory, and Smokewind recognized her sister Bluefrost’s shriek.

Smokewind’s mother  uttered an inarticulate wail, struggling to buck Harespring off her back. The mud crept higher on her body with each move. Smokewind raced like a deer across the slush-covered ice. She barely acknowledged her brothers, who ran with ThunderClan and her fellow WindClan warriors responding many many foxlengths behind her. Slush and ice shards flew up behind the black-smoke Maine Coon warrior, sparkling in the late after-noon-high sun.

“Kyemama! Hold on!” Smokewind cried.

“Kyemama!” She heard Bluefrost’s yowl again from inside the swampland, and saw her blue-smoke sister ripping across the tussocks, followed by Mistystar and RiverClan. From over the lake she heard Indiclaw’s answering wail, as her brown tabby and white sister led ShadowClan across the ice. Smokewind knew her sisters would never reach their mother in time. She drew more speed out of her long legs.

Kyeee!” Smokewind’s father’s high pitched screech reverberated in the hills, and she saw him charging from far across the lake. Lionblaze and his patrol followed, flanking the giant black-smoke and white Maine Coon tom, who ran with surprising speed, despite his old injuries. She saw his claws flash as he gripped the ice, propelling himself across the frozen surface with all the strength in his massive legs. Cats converged on the spot from all sides of the lake, but Smokewind feared Harespring might succeed in drowning her before anyone reached them. She concentrated, and found yet more speed from within her body.                    

“Stupid kittypet,” Harespring snarled, and shoved Kyestorm’s head down again. She inhaled a breath, before he held her head down, and exhaled in big sloppy bubbles. Smokewind’s heart leaped with dread, and she lowered her head, closing the distance with startling speed. Harespring raised his head, and alarm widened his eyes.

“Get off her you useless piece of foxdung!” Smokewind yowled in fury and triumph. She reached the shore, and barreled across the open land, snow spraying like a huge tail in her wake, followed distantly by Oatclaw,  Demonstreak, Phantomstrike, and the rest of WindClan. Greywind led the rest of ThunderClan foxlengths behind.

Harespring leaped up on shore, and Kyestorm flung her head up, gasping and coughing. Satisfied of her mother’s safety, Smokewind concentrated on Harespring, who tried to evade her charge. He ran up the hill back toward WindClan land, avoiding the arriving cats responding to the cry for help. Smokewind bounded up the long hill, gaining on Harespring with every flying leap. He glanced backward, his eyes widening with shock. To evade the tall smokey black Maine Coon warrior’s charge, Harespring swerved back down toward the broken bridge, following the snow-covered thunderpath alongside the Horseplace.

“He’s mine! Help Kyemama!’ Smokewind screamed at her mate and brothers, who arrived, ready to help chase him. They halted near the fencing where Furzepelt cowered, and gaped at her. Unable to match Smokewind’s great speed, all the cats stopped to watch Smokewind’s fury. All four Clan leaders stared, exchanging glances, but nobody moved. Onestar glanced Smokewind, and only nodded.

At the hilltop, Smokewind turned on a clawtip, and chased down the former WindClan deputy. She smashed into a desperate Harespring at the halfbridge, and before his body barely struck the wood, she snapped him up by the scruff of the neck. Without a slowdown in stride, Smokewind flew to the end of the wooden structure, massive paws pounding, dragging and bouncing Harespring on the icy wood, ignoring his screaming and hissing. Her fangs broke skin and she tasted his blood in her mouth, taking satisfaction in it. She skidded to a halt on the very edge of the bridge, and, with a twist of her head, flung Harespring out onto the lake. Skin tore free of her teeth, and she watched, heaving for breath. He screeched in terror, flying through the air, then hit the lake with a thud. His head thwacked against the hard ice beneath the slush, and he slid along the surface like fresh kill, until the slush covered him, stopping his momentum. He lay motionless, bleeding from the back of his neck.

Furzepelt stood up near the fences lining the Horseplace, eyes wide in astonishment and fear. Smokewind looked back at her, fangs bared, eyes blazing, pelt bristling until she resembled a bear from the land across the Great Waters. Furzepelt dropped to the ground, in complete submission from afar.

“Help me.” Kyestorm gasped for air. Demonstreak and Phantomstrike left the terrified Furzepelt, and hurried down the hill. Smokewind panted, her whole body trembling from exertion, and watched her siblings, clanmates and father pull her mother from the trap. Demonstone galloped over to Kyestorm, his golden eyes ablaze. Bluefrost hopped from tussock to tussock until she sat close. Demonstone reached over and grasped Smokewind’s mother by the scruff and pulled. The mud yanked back. His muscles rippled under his thick pelt as he hauled backward, and Kyestorm kicked her legs, but the muck held her in place like cement.        

“Its gonna kill me!” Kyestorm wailed. “Help! My kits!”

“Kits?? Kyemama’s pregnant?” Smokewind mewled, and her legs quivered. A stab of fury sparked seem adrenaline into her exhausted body, but she stayed still, unable to move a step, realizing she almost killed a Clan memeber. She gasped for breath, and her heart raced. Slowly, she recovered, watching her family and Clans rescue her mother from the mud’s deadly grasp. She growled, her guilt evapoarting. "No, she mewed. "He deserved it for almost killing Kyemama."

“Kyemama, relax everything,” Bluefrost said, drawing Smokewind's full attention. “ Splay your toes a few times, then paddle your feet very slowly, like you’re swimming.”

Kyestorm obeyed and to Smokewind’s relief, the swimming motion and her father’s strength released the mud’s hold on her mother with each tug he took. Indiclaw grasped Kyestorm’s nape right beside her father, and helped to pull. Bluefrost pushed, with leverage from big blue hind paws planted firmly on the tussock behind the mudhole. Troutleap nimbly jumped up beside her to help. Phantomstrike amd Demonstreak joined their sister on the tussock, obeying her every command. Their enormous paws joined Bluefrost’s and Troutleap’s and they pushed. Demonstone and Indiclaw pulled. Kyestorm’s forelegs broke free of the trap in a spray of muck and a resounding pop. She hooked her claws in the exposed grass clumps, and hauled herself out of the hole and lay still, gasping for air.

Smokewind saw the gashes furrowing her mother’s beautiful red tabby face, and she growled deep in her chest, glancing at the unmoving lump of fur on the lake, suddenly not giving a mouse tail about breaking the warrior Code to save Kyemama.

“Kyemama!” Indiclaw cried, Snowsquall at her side.  Most of ShadowClan stood behind her. “Who did this? Who slashed you face?”

“Harespring,” Kyestorm answered in a gravelly snarl. “I hope he’s dead!”

Kyestorm staggered to her feet, and moved slowly, to join Smokewind on the bridge. She leaned her head against her daughter’s chest. Smokewind purred and licked her mother’s head.

“Thank you, thank you, my beautiful, swift, daughter.” she purred raggedly, shivering, with mud covering everything except her back. Her tail hung limp, soaked with icy muck.

“I heard your first hiss of anger and saw you from up on the hill. I sounded the alarm call and came to you as fast as I could run. That piece of crowfood jumped off you when he saw me coming closer!” Smokewind inhaled a sobbing breath, licking the mud and blood off of Kyestorm’s face. “But I was almost too late! ”

“Come now,” Gentleoak, Smokewind’s brown tabby brother, and a ThunderClan medicine cat, spoke up, pushing his way forward, amber eyes stern. “We have to get Kyemama home and in the medicine den. She’s carrying kits.”

“What about him?” Oatclaw asked, eyes narrowed, as he walked up beside Smokewind. He pointed his tail at Harespring, overriding the surprised murmurs of delight at the news of Kyestorm’s pregnancy.

“I’ll take him back to camp,” Kestrelflight answered. “If he’s alive, we care for him. If he’s dead, we bury him.”

“He deserves no warrior’s vigil,” Kyestorm snarled suddenly. “He and Furzepelt tried to kill me and my kits!”

“He deserves banishment or death,” Bramblestar snapped, uncharacteristically harsh. He stepped up beside Kyestorm, and met Onestar’s gaze.

“I agree,” Onestar nodded, glancing at Smokewind.  “But allow us to bring him back to camp and deal with him, and his accomplice.” Onestar raised his voice. “Furzepelt!”

The terrified she-cat crept down the slope to Onestar, shaking, ears flat, fear scent radiating from her like stench off carrion. Smokewind growled deep in her chest, anger flaring, despite her tired legs. Furzepelt dropped and exposed her stomach to Kyestorm and Smokewind.

“Please! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you carry kits!” Furzepelt babbled in desperation.  “I’d never ever kill kits!  Don’t kill me!”

“Give me good reason why not?” Smokewind stepped up to Furzepelt and planted a huge black paw on the she-cat’s belly. She spread her long toes, revealing white tufts, and unsheathed wicked claws, poking them into the she-cat’s belly. She struggled not to rip open the she-cat’s stomach. Furzepelt wet herself, and wailed.

“He was deputy! I was loyal to him, wanting to be his mate one day.” Furzepelt lost control of her bowels in terror. “I don’t now! I’m sorrrrryyyyyyyyy!”

“Ugh.” Smokewind withdrew her paw, and grimaced with loathing. “Glad you two never mated and had kits! We need warriors, not fox-hearted cowards.”

“If you are truly sorry,” Onestar growled. “Then you will not only take care of the elders for moons to come, but be at Smokewind’s beck and call for seasons to come. She meows, you leap. Understood?”

“Yes,” Furzepelt squeaked like a scared kit, and Smokewwind slanted her ears back, liking the idea of Furzepelt as her subservient apprentice.

“Then get up, and clean yourself,” Onestar commanded. “Get back to camp and tend the elders. Nightcloud, please escort Furzepelt to camp.”

“Yes, Onestar,” Nightcould wrinkled her nose, then gave Smokewind an approving glance. but walked back to WindClan camp with Furzepelt, who stopped often to groom herself. Nightcloud  refused to share tongues, and waited with flattened ears, until the disheveled she-cat decided to keep walking.

“He is still alive,” Kestrelflight announced, dragging a sodden Harespring up the shore and deposited him at the edge of the bridge. Smokewind growled, her entire body trembling. “He’s out cold. I can’t in good conscience, just leave him to freeze to death.”

“If that ice cracked, he’d be just where I wanted him,” Smokewind snapped, baring her teeth, energy returning to her body. “The piece of rotten nasty stinking crow-food he was.”

“Sister,”Gentleoak interrupted, and a glint off humor swirled in his amber yes. “If he does come to, he may not be the same cat he was. He may have brain damage, or physical handicaps. Those might be a punishment worse than death or banishment. Let Kestrelflight take him.” Gentleoak turned to look at Bramblestar. “If you agree?”

Bramblestar nodded, a scowl on his face. Smokewind gazed at her brother a long moment, then flattened her fur. Her tail deflated, and she looked down at her unconscious enemy.

“Fine, take him.” Smokewind curled her lip, meeting Kestrelflight’s gaze. “But if he ever speaks ill of, or tries to hurt Kyemama again, he dies.”

“Agreed,” Onestar nodded, then glanced at Crowfeather. “Escort them home and get him in the medicine den. When he wakes, he has much to answer for.”

“Yes, he does,” Crowfeather nodded, and moved off.

 “If he ever is a problem ever again to you, your clanmates, or your kin,” Onestar said, leveling his gaze on Smokewind. “ He is yours to do with as you wish.”

Smokewind responded with a purr of approval, nodding at her Clan Leader. Kyestorm moved past Smokewind to the end of the broken bridge, and shook out her thick fur. Yowls of surprise echoed over the lake as those closest to her moved hastily out of the rain of muck. Her thick fur stuck out in, and the breeze sliced its way past the wet clumps. She shivered, and coughed, spitting out mucous and mud. Smokewind flattened her ears, anger at Harespring returning in a rush.

“We gotta get you home,” Demonstone said. “Before you catch green cough.”

“Come on, Kyemama,” Phantomstrike pressed against her side. “Let’s go.”

 Indiclaw dashed up to Kyestorm, uncharacteristically demonstrative, rubbing her face on Kyestorm’s and licked the furrows on her mother’s face that just missed the eyes. Smokewind gazed at Indiclaw in surprise, but said nothing to her cantankerous sister. Indiclaw flashed her a feline smile, before burying her face in their mother’s wet ruff.

“I love you, Kyemama,” she mewed, then turned and returned to Rowanstar, and moved off with ShadowClan. Rowanstar caught Smokewind’s gaze, eyes solemn, and he nodded. Indiclaw glanced back several times, and Smokewind raised her tail over her back in salute. Smokewind caught sight of RiverClan vanishing into the swamp. Bluefrost paused to look back, waving her bottlebrush tail, then followed her clanmates. The Clans slowly drifted apart, going back to their camps.

The sun balanced on the treetops, and the slush crunched underfoot as temperatures plummeted below freezing as WindClan veered off toward home. Smokewind paused before following her clanmates. She waved her tail in a farewell to everyone, before bounding up the hill toward WindClan’s camp, satisfied her mother nestled in safe paws. Up ahead, Kestrelflight disappeared into camp with Harespring;s limp form.

“Smokewind should have killed him on the spot,” Slightfoot growled. “He’s been nothing but a mouse-brained fool since that day we met your mother on patrol.”

“He sure has been a fluffbrain,” Weaselfur meowed, a smile closing his eyes. “But Smokewind made a cat fly today.”

“Too bad the ice didn’t break when he came in for the landing,” Smokewind grumbled.

“Don’t worry,” Gorsetail chortled, before his features turned serious. “He’s never going to be the same.”

“True,” Breezepelt added. “Harespring has feared you since he almost botched your deerhunt. You put the fear of StarClan in him today! And almost sent him there.”

“If they’d take him.” Smokewind joined in the feline laughter which echoed over the lake, exchanging glances with her mate. Oatclaw gazed at her with pride.

“I knew you were special the day we met,” he purred. “Yeah, when cats fly! Does this mean he’ll actually catch a Roe deer one day? Because there has never been a cat in all the Clans that flies like you, Smokewind, a true WindClan warrior with wings on her paws !”    
“If Harespring ever catches a Roe deer, as StarClan is my witness, I’ll sprout real wings and fly like an eagle!” Smokewind purred with mirth, and followed her clanmates into camp, looking forward to a big meal and a good night’s sleep.


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Author of Warrior fan fiction,
NEW BLOOD-Born of Smoke & Fire and all its spinoffs and one shots. 

Those who refuse to learn from the past--are condemned to repeat it. In a truly free society, individuals succeed or fail by the consequences of their conduct
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Author of Warrior fan fiction,
NEW BLOOD-Born of Smoke & Fire and all its spinoffs and one shots. 

Those who refuse to learn from the past--are condemned to repeat it. In a truly free society, individuals succeed or fail by the consequences of their conduct
NEW BLOOD  - ONE SHOTS & Short Tales! 29ypfgg   NEW BLOOD  - ONE SHOTS & Short Tales! Sqtkld

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Author of Warrior fan fiction,
NEW BLOOD-Born of Smoke & Fire and all its spinoffs and one shots. 

Those who refuse to learn from the past--are condemned to repeat it. In a truly free society, individuals succeed or fail by the consequences of their conduct
NEW BLOOD  - ONE SHOTS & Short Tales! 29ypfgg   NEW BLOOD  - ONE SHOTS & Short Tales! Sqtkld

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This one  is for a contest challenge, to write a one-shot under 500 words! A real challenge for me!
(Banner by me & the talented Skyfall)
(Every word counts!)
Enraged, Kyestorm plunged ahead across the ice, racing to cut the thieves off. Her thundering paws hit soft ice beneath the slush a foxlength from shore, and she thrust her legs forward to stop. Her momentum carried her ahead, and she slid along, breaking through into a pool of thick, sticky, nasty muck.

Kyestorm uttered a yowl of dismay, and scrambled, but her paws and legs stuck fast, with mud up to her belly. The muck slurped and squelched, holding her in a firm grasp, soaking into her thick pelt. She gasped for breath, as Harespring and Furzepelt stalked toward her, eyes baleful, jaws split in pleased grimaces. She bared her teeth in fury, yanking herself against the mud, which sucked at her body relentlessly. She realized they planned this, trapping her like a mouse in a warrior’s jaws.

“Cowards!” she snarled in fury, twitching her legs. Cold seeped into her paw and legs, creeping up her limbs. Harespring advanced, bristling, eyes gleaming with malice.

“Yes, yes, for many sunrises we fussed with this little hole,” Harespring sneered.

“Trickery! Cowardice! You betray the warrior code of honor,” Kyestorm hissed in outrage.

“No, we rid the clans of you!” Harespring jeered, balancing on a tussock, and reached out with a forepaw. Kyestorm snapped her jaws, trying to catch his paw in her teeth. She missed, and his paw slapped down on her head, shoving her muzzle into the mud. Alarm shot through her and she jerked her head free, realizing her total vulnerability. She railed at herself, for allowing such mousebrains to trick her. Harespring pushed her whole face in the mud, and uttered a guttural growling guffaw.

“This is for the sand in my eye!”

Kyestorm attempted to hiss, but inhaled gritty thick mud. Her entire body convulsed with terror, and something kicked in her belly, sending another wave of shock through her. Kits! That sure knowledge lanced through her, and she flung her head back in desperation, closing her eyes as Harespring’s claws raked her face. She shrieked to the skies, hoping someone might hear her.

“Nobody will get here in time,” Harespring yowled in glee, and jumped on her back, shoving her head down with both paws. She screamed again, but her voice cut off. She flattened her ears, but icy muddy water trickled in. Her kits kicked, reacting to the threat, and Kyestorm reared again, desperate to save herself and her kits, but with every move, the mud crept higher on her body. Defeated and exhausted, Kyestorm sagged under Harepring.

Suddenly, she spotted Smokewind racing like a deer across the lake, and weight lifted from her back. Slush and ice shards flew up behind the black smoke Maine Coon warrior, sparkling in the late after-noon-high sun. Exhaling in relief, Kyestorm watched Smokewind barrel across the open land, snow spraying like a huge tail in her wake, as help arrived, just in time, on the huge paws and long legs of her swift daughter.


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Author of Warrior fan fiction,
NEW BLOOD-Born of Smoke & Fire and all its spinoffs and one shots. 

Those who refuse to learn from the past--are condemned to repeat it. In a truly free society, individuals succeed or fail by the consequences of their conduct
NEW BLOOD  - ONE SHOTS & Short Tales! 29ypfgg   NEW BLOOD  - ONE SHOTS & Short Tales! Sqtkld

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